Debug mocha tests with Visual Studio Code easily

This is a really simple tip, but a load of our developers were kicking off a run of their tests by the command line, and then attaching the VSCode debugger to them to step through. VSCode offers a much easier solution to this. Instead of doing something like this then hitting F5 and attaching your... Continue Reading →


Using webstorm 2016.2.3 with Node JS

I recently ran into a little problem setting up a new Node.js project on a Linux (Ubuntu 16 with Cinnamon) VM. Trying to create a new application I was asked to pick a 'Node interpreter' ... no problem I thought, and ran a which command for nodes. $which nodejs /usr/bin/nodejs Awesome... that's us done right...... Continue Reading →

Importance of space

Space.. the final frontier. Well... not quite. But it's really important to me. I value space, both personal and physical. I have lived in a bunch of different houses and apartments over the last decade, and I never really felt I had enough space. Laptops were sat in the living room, kitchen table or wherever... Continue Reading →

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