New Tech Hobby… and a thankyou.

So I haven’t written in a while… I’ve recently changed job from a big Microsoft Managed Partner to a small startup, and working there took most of my energy, but I haven’t been writing because mostly because I didn’t really know what to say, but hopefully this will clear things up.

I love Technology. Seriously, I can’t get enough, the modern version of a petrol head, I’m a tech head. But, after various new MacBooks, iMacs, smart watches, bluetooth headphones and all the other stuff… I got BORED of hardware, I wasn’t getting enough out to justify putting more cash in. I am a software developer, I write code, I write those magical little apps that you click on and shit happens. But, software is changing, it’s all in the cloud, there’s an app or a service for everything, I really struggle to think of new ideas for side-projects, as everytime I think of one, someone has already done it. I needed something new…

Enter… YouTube.

This is Peter McKinnon… his videos are amazing

Now I’m not becomming a daily vlogger, so relax, but I did fall in love with YouTube again, and while subscribing to various channels, I ended up loving the photographer/videographers I found there. How great their shots looked and how unachivable they would be for a nerd like me without a creative bone in my body. But then I watched more and more, and started watching tutorials for no reason and decided that I was going to give photography a shot (like about 60% of the population has) … and I wasn’t that good, but I kept at it… and I really loved it. I went from iPhone, to iPhone plus cheap lenses, to a cheap DSLR to some cheap DSLR lenses, and even ended up with a drone. Tech found me again, I found a new passion for a new hobby that gave me a new skill/hobby to learn, play with and be passionate about, that also has a real avenue in tech. Cameras, photo editing software, drones (I mean come on! Flying 4k cameras with my phone!).

Guys like Casey Neistat, had awesome videos, but I really got into one guy’s channel, his name is Peter McKinnon he’s a photographer/film maker from canada, and his videos were a great mix of entertaining and helpful, and really got me to buy my first camera and get taking pics. Then I came across others he linked/mentioned, guys like Ted Forbes, and Sawyer Hartman. My photos quickly went from things like this…

Yup… just a coffee

to things like this…

This is currently my laptop wallpaper, I took it up the Mourne Mountains

I even started my own YouTube channel, it’s not great, it’s got no subscribers, it’s a mix of drone and phone shots at the minute, infact there are only two videos at the time of writing, but I am excited to add to it, and think of new ideas. I also cleared my Instagram of lots of old shit. I love playing with Adobe Lightroom, and Premier Pro. I bought some presets (think smart filters) from a few of the people that have inspired me, and can start editing my photos like a pro in no time, without needing to know photoshop.

Top of the world ma!

So where is this blog entry going? Nowhere really, its just an eye opener for me that there is so much more to technology than programming and soldering. There’s a whole creative side to technology that it gives us so many tools to play with. Whether it’s music, sound design, photography, videos, astrology or anything else… technology doesn’t just have to be hardware and softare, I’m excited that I have found this new passion, and if there is ANYTHING that you wish you could do but haven’t got around to, go watch some videos on it, do your reasearch and start off the new year with a new hobby. Life is too short.

Also.. my instagram is doing a lot better

So thanks to Peter, Ted, Sawyer and all the other amazing creators out there who inspired me and others to try something new.

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